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My name is Randy West, and I am a referral marketing success. And no one is more surprised than me. This is my my story of how I became successful in referral marketing in only one year. This information can assist you in how you can also make money in referral marketing.

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As of January 2017, I have been referral marketing for just one year

My income is $1000 per week

This is a net income, not gross, that I generate while I am sleeping, from just one active website! I wake up to increased income in my account regularly which is deposited automatically into my bank account every week.

Of all the stereotypes we hear about the Internet, there is perhaps none so enduring as the one about making money in your sleep. Well, last October, I realized I was in that happy situation myself. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

$299 per Month?

When I "retired" a few years ago at age 65, I was faced with a sobering reality. Social Security was not going to cover my expenses. I had been a self-employed photographer most of my life. As a self-employed person, I was responsible for paying my self-employment taxes. Well, I could have been more responsible. Like many self-employed people, I had the choice of buying new things for the business or putting money away for a rainy day. I chose to buy stuff for my business.

I knew they day would come when I would need that rainy day fund, but I didn't think about it much. I was busy enjoying my life and making pictures. Fast-forward to that rainy day.

I began evaluating various marketing schemes on how to use referral marketing to make money. I had the goal of being a referral marketer, but I'd initially done what almost everyone does when they have an goal without a plan: absolutely nothing. The gap between having a goal and having a referral marketing business seemed too enormous to undertake, especially when it would have to be combined with, you know, actually working for a living.

I'd always dreamed of having a referral marketing business where I could set my own hours. Work when I want on my laptop on the beach in some exotic location. I thought it would be great to have the money roll in while I traveled to some beautiful remote location. I started a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but all of them just wasted my spare time. Now I am traveling and living a referral marketing lifestyle. I work when and how I choose.

Enter The Real World

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But then something unusual happened in the real world. I answered an ad in Craigslist. It said "Drive my car for Uber, insurance and gas provided, we split the ride fares and you get a bonus". OK, I thought, and got started. What surprised me was the size of the bonus and the ease with which it arrived. A $500 bonus notification popped up on my phone after an Uber trip. That bonus was deposited into my checking account the very next week.

Then it occurred to me that I didn't have to drive to get paid. The owner of the car received his referral bonus when I got my driving bonus. All I had to do was make Uber referrals. I knew I could do that. Since I build websites for a living, I built a website to refer drivers to Uber. And then... nothing happened.

Months went by. Then... I received a referral bonus. Small, but real. Then another, and another. Some weeks went by without bonuses. Then I got a big bonus. Wow. Soon the bonuses were showing up almost regularly. By October the bonuses added up to $10,000! Just two months later, I made another $5,000 from referral marketing!

Referral Marketing Works!

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Fast-forward to February 2017 and I am making an average of $1,000 per week. Net! Take-home! Deposited into my bank account! Automatically! With referral marketing! From the one website I had created in 2015. Some of you reading will think $1000 per week isn't a big income. Others reading this will think it's a lot. Whether you think that $1,000 per week is a lot or a little isn't important to me. The significance to me is that I get this income while I sleep.

This website will show you how this process is easy. I will show you just how I did this, and more importantly, how you can also make this income with referral marketing.

It is very exciting to wake up to extra money. I can tell you it is even more fun knowing that money will be deposited in your account every week. I can't begin to describe the freedom that comes with automatic income. The sense of openness and relaxation is incredible! It means I can live anywhere. I am finally rewarded for my creativity and original thinking in ways I never knew existed. I want to tell everyone. I want to help people realize they don't have to work so hard.

Actual Income Chart for Jan 2016 to Present (Feb 2017)

Below is the chart for the actual income I made from this Uber referral marketing website.

How One Website Made $15,000

I built one website in December 2015. Just this one website has made me over $15,000 the first year. This website became the referral marketing template that I use today. Since then, I have used this template to make referral links for other companies. In fact, you can use this template to market almost any referral product.

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The Tech of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is not hard to do. In fact, it's easy. Looking back, I can see the mistakes I made. The biggest mistake was that I tried too hard. That's hard to believe, isn't it? It's true. I want to say this again - referral marketing is easy. Not only that, but I can prove it to you. There are two parts to this business - for the sake of simplicity, I will call them - tech and art.

Tech and Art

The art part is something that almost anyone can learn. The tech is a little more complicated, but I have made it easier for you. I soon realized that all of the web pages followed the same formula. That's because they all need to follow the same rules. I built a template to do that for me. It handles all of the "techy" stuff for me. It's pretty cool. In fact, I'm rather proud of it. No, I am very proud of it. I want to show it to you.

Templates - Learn Faster

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If you have never made money with referral marketing, I can tell you from my own experience, that it is too big a jump to go from zero to millions. The limitation isn't as much of a physical one, but more a limitation of your awareness. Most people need to make adjustments as they progress. These adjustments can be rapid, but in my experience, not immediate. What I am going to show you is a step-by-step process. (The principles are the same with any referral marketing plan):

  1. find what is in demand
  2. find how much supply there is, and
  3. find a way to help people get what they want

When the supply exceeds the demand, you are wasting your time, but when there is a demand without adequate supply you have an opportunity. Once you understand what is happening and what works, you can, no doubt, exceed my results.

However, there are new things to learn. You will need to buy some things (if you don't already have them). You will need to be creative, be persistent. And, you will need to practice thinking "outside the box".

I have built a template modeled after the one that I used in the Uber example. I have customized it to make it super easy for you to use. These templates are optimized to rank high in search engines. The amount of information you need to enter is kept to a minimum. It includes super fast design, with streamlined images, the right number of keywords in just the right places. And it includes all the required extras for a modern web page.


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I need to say here that these results are NOT typical. Your mileage may vary. I know lots and lots of people who have tried this business and failed. They don't understand how it works. They try too hard.

People think you have to spend money to make money. Other people feel they don't know enough because they don't have a degree. But the biggest problem for lots of people is that they think you need to advertise to get more business. In fact, most people can't think any other way.

NONE of that is true - in my experience.

The best part about this business is that people know more than they realize. Anyone can out-perform the long-established, highly-skilled, and better-funded competition with creativity and determination. All it takes is a little effort, patience, and original thinking.


No one has a lock on this business. Anyone can get ahead by thinking outside the box. The world is constantly changing. Getting ahead in this business just means finding the words people use to search. The cleverer you are, the more you will make. Let's look at that next.

The Art of Referral Marketing

Keyword Demand

Simply put, you cannot outrank the top websites already optimized for your Keyword. However you can often find and easily rank for lesser Keywords. In other words, zero percent of a large pie is still zero, but part of a smaller pie can be satisfying. There are literally limitless small pies and you can do this again and again. Each time you find another Keyword, it becomes easier. Each time you will get better and finding them!

You do this by playing "Family Feud". (We are going to keep using the Uber example. Once you understand this, you will search for other products.) Enter the words you think someone would use when looking for Uber. Then see how many are using this term each month. There are lots of people searching the basic words. Keep looking for the less common words people use.

Search, Edit, Upload, Repeat

The key is to find what people are searching for. Then use those Keywords. A Keyword is actually a phrase that people enter into a search engine to find something. In my view, Google provides the best Keyword Planner to encourage you to use Adwords. The Keyword Planner is free.

You can also be creative and find Keywords no one else is using. This can change frequently. A boycott of one company can mean a sudden surge for the other. A new hashtag may be overlooked by traditional websites. This area is where your creativity is rewarded. Zig where the others zag.

In this video, I show where to enter your phrases into the Keywords Planner. There are three Keywords: "uber", "drive for Uber" and "How do I apply to drive for Uber in San Francisco". In the results page you will notice: 1. The blue bar graph shows the demand for uber terms is still increasing (that's a good sign), 2. the last phrase has too many words. Not to worry. When I shorten the last phrase, we now see that there are 40 searches per month for "How do I apply to drive for Uber". This has potential. Make a list of all these words and the number of searches made per month. This is the Keyword Demand.


Keyword Supply

Once you have this list, you need to gauge your competition. Open a new tab or window in your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and enter one of the words "in quotes". Make a note of the number and keep looking. When you do this without the quotes you will get the words in any order, anywhere on the website, which isn't helpful. When you put a search term into Google in quotes, you get the results of only those words, in only that order. This is what you want.

Up Side Down

Most often you will find more websites with these words than people searching for those words. This keyword phrase is "up-side-down". Learn to find a "right-side-up" Keyword. There are over 13 million searches for uber in just one month and 27 thousand searches for "drive for uber". No matter how good your website is, you cannot out-rank twenty-seven thousand competitors! Move on.

Right Side Up

There are keyword phrases that are less common, but more profitable. The less common, longer Keyword phrases. These are called "long-tail Keywords". This is the Keyword Supply. Searching for them will take some time but totally worth it. This is where the money is. This is key. I recommend you keep a list of all these search terms, their demand, and their supply. We will come back to this later.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is simply providing the best answer to the question (Keywords) people enter into a search engine. Referral marketing is simply providing the best answer to the question (Keywords) that people enter into a search engine with your referral link. When people visit the product website by using your referral link, their purchase is credited to you. Referral marketing, then, is really about providing the most relevant and useful information possible for your visitor. In short, by providing your visitor with real value.

When I search for the phrase "how to apply to drive for uber", there are 40 searches per month. When I copy this and put it into a Google search with quotes, there are only 19 web pages that contain this term. Because the demand is greater than the supply, this has the potential to be a right-side-up Keyword! I would look at the top several web pages on this "Search Results" page. If they are clearly optimized for this term, you will rank behind them. On the other hand, if they only contain the term, you stand a good chance of ranking first for this term. This is referral marketing.

SEO Equals Free Advertising

Most people new to Referral Marketing will doubt that you can make money without advertising. However, just look at a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Notice that there are two kinds of listings on the page. One is clearly marked advertising. The other listings are just there. How did they get "just there"? They are listed by Google (or whatever search engine you are using) as being most relevant to the keywords (question) you entered.

Many businesses have built thousands of websites and spend countless hours testing and re-testing their pages in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Many things are known. Some of them rather obvious and some are surprises.

To be fair, no one, not even Google can know precisely what page will be listed first and any given time. But there are many factors that are known. Since the early days, Google has instituted upgrades with code names: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others, each more subtle and sophisticated than the last. Each update has made it clearer that well written, original articles with source links, relevant images, references to information that deliver real value stand above the others. The short description of SEO is this: the web page that best answers the visitors' question will rank highest. If it didn't, Google would be out of business.

Making Web Pages

What's involved in getting to the top of Google? A lot. First you need the website. Building the website sounds simple. However, getting it right is a challenge for many. WordPress is free-ish at wordpress.com. You can also get the free software at wordpress.org but then you need to have your own web hosting. Some companies will install it free, but you have to know what to ask. Then you need add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs.

WIX, Weebly and SquareSpace make it look easier. It's not. What they do is create a system where you get started for free and then need overpriced add-ons. Then you need their own non-standard version of add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs. Often the website looks attractive, but performs very poorly. This is something you can't know or test until after you have invested your time and money. Ultimately all of these systems require constant maintenance or they fail in one way or another.

There are about 20 things you need to do just to get a website. Then there are another fifteen things to get right before your website is listed by search engines. Then there are readability scores that must be met before your site is considered readable. Then you must notify the search engines of your website's existence. There are lots of mistakes along the way that can get you banned.

Go With What Works

Consider making your web page with your referral marketing link that ranks in search engines. The fastest way to build a referral website is with our 2017 Referral Marketing Templates. Why not just go with what works? I got tired of making a new page for each new keyword phrase. I had to go through many of the same steps each time, over and over.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword Use The keyword density must be no more than the 2.5% maximum. Be careful. Overuse of the keyword is considered stuffing and can cause your page to be banned.
  • Page Link Do not link to another page with the same keyword. This can cause your page to rank lower. Consider altering this keyword if other pages already rank for this term.
  • Image Use At least one image should appear on each page. Make sure this image contains an alt tag that contains your pages' keyword.
  • The Title The SEO title should contain the focus keyword and it should appear at the beginning.
  • Page Title The page title should contain between 40 and 70 characters. If you have a shorter keyword, consider adding keyword variations or a compelling call-to-action.
  • First Keyword Use each focus keyword only once. If you have more than one page with the same keyword, you are creating competition for yourself.
  • First Paragraph The focus keyword appear in the first paragraph of your copy. Ideally it should be early in the first sentence.
  • Meta Description The meta description should definitely contain your focus keyword.
  • Meta Description The length of the meta description is sufficient. Search Engine snippets are limited to a specific number of characters.
  • Keyword Subhead The focus keyword should appear in at least one of your subheadings in the copy. While not a major ranking factor, this is beneficial.
  • Page length The text contains at least 300 words. In some cases, longer pages will rank higher than shorter pages, though not necessarily.
  • URL Keyword The focus keyword should appear in the URL (web page address) for this page.


  • Active voice No more than 10% of your sentences should contain a passive voice. Try to use their active counterparts.
  • Reading Ease Your copy should score well on the Flesch Reading Ease test. Shorter sentences may help improve readability.
  • Transitions No more than 30% of your sentences should contain a transition word or phrase.
  • Subheads Use sub headings to separate subjects. The amount of words following each of the subheadings should not exceed the recommended maximum of 300 words.
  • Medium Paragraphs Your paragraphs should not be too long.
  • Medium Sentences Longer sentences are more difficult to read. No more than 25% of your sentences should contain more than 20 words.

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